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      The organization shall establish, implement and maintain procedures and / or work instructions covering all applicable requirements of the GRS.


      ( Kindly attach the above related documents )


      For Each production step, the records shall demonstrate the balance between the GRS inputs and the outputs containing the declared final amount of Claimed Material. These records shall enable the CB to perform Volume Reconciliations.

      3.對于每個生產步驟,生產記錄應說明GRS投入和產出,并能體現最終含有回收成分產品數量之間的平衡。 這些記錄應可以讓審核公司進行數量核對。

      All records used in the implementation and/or verification of the GRS shall be retained by the Organization for a minimum of five years


      The organization shall maintain and communicate clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all staff and management that may have an impact on the implementation of the standard.


      The organization shall appoint a management representative to be responsible for the overall compliance to the GRS Standard.


      (Kindly attach the appoint letter of the Management representative responsible for the GRS standard compliance)


      The staff responsible for each procedure impacted by GRS shall be given proper and regular training with regards to the implementation of the Standard.


      The Organization has procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the Claimed Material throughout processing


      Claimed material identity is preserved from commingling or substitution.


      Claimed Material identity is preserved from accidental commingling or substitution.


      Products containing Claimed Materials are prevented from accidental commingling or substitution with other products during transport


      Products containing Claimed Material are prevented from commingling or accidental substitution with other products during storage.


      Diagram and description of all material and product flows (Kindly attach the unit layout/floor plan)




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